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[Curtain opens. Clock indicates it’s 10 past the hour. We see a Coach facing a Client, seated at a table/Zoom meeting. Gender is irrelevant. Both are very attractive but particularly the Coach.]

Client: “I just feel, you know, like I lack confidence in my own skill. Like, I don’t deserve to be in the room. There’s a name for this…it’s…?” They look at me expectantly. Surely, as a coach who works with people each day on personal and professional development, I know the name of this sinister scourge that is plaguing them. “Hmm?”

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I peel my eyes open at 6:56AM, roll over towards my nightstand and reach for my phone. If you’ve been alive and even remotely interested in being an ‘effective person’ in the last couple of decades, your alarm bells should already be going off that this is certainly not a habit of a highly effective person. DING DING DING! PUT DOWN THE PHONE! Your day should start with a wheatgrass smoothie, a gratitude list, and eight minutes shower yoga before you even consider browsing on your phone! Shame on you. Your feet haven’t even hit the floor yet and already…

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As we careen wildly around the final curve before November 3rd, I join the masses of Americans who are grappling with an existential casserole of feelings. Scared? Yes. Angry? Of course. Depleting the world’s chocolate supply one mini Twix at a time? Most certainly.

But there’s more to this casserole than just good ‘ol American tuna and noodles. There’s an ingredient in there that I’ve been struggling to identify. A feeling that is less straightforward than just fear and anger.

I’ve been engaged in a fanciful exercise this past week of trying to select gifts for myself as a reward…

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Imagine there’s no heaven

It’s easy if you try

No hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people

Living for today… Aha-ah…

Imagine there’s no marriage

I wonder if you might

No marriage for anyone

Yes, you heard me right

Imagine all the people

Not involving the government in who they love…Aha-ah…

Okay, yes, he’s John Lennon and I’m not, but come along with me for a moment.

Amy Coney Barrett’s lifetime installment onto our land’s highest court is accompanied by her evidentiary positions that LGBTQ folks who would like to get married should not be allowed…

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We all witnessed it. As March 2020 limped bruised and broken to a close and April peeked a cautious head around the corner, an insidious wave had washed up upon every shore. There was no avoiding it. Social media simmered with posts and photos about it, with folks courageously documenting their foray into this new, intimidating unknown.

It was inescapable.

Everyone was learning to make sourdough bread.

What I can only think was a knee-jerk survival instinct in answer to a life-threatening worldwide development (MUST MAKE FOOD) manifested as every third person in my web world being deputized into this…

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The first outfit I can ever remember wearing was a red and white checkered dress. I was about the height of an end table, and the outfit’s adorableness was backed up by shiny black patent leather shoes and folded over white socks. Those were the days of E.T., Pong, and pet rocks, to put a pin in that moment of space and time. The dress was abundantly cute on a curly-headed a three year old girl and drew its share of “Awws how adorable’’s, but it’s real virtuosity lay sneakily in a little zippered heart-shaped pocket on the chest. “What’s…

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Recently on a sunny spring Tuesday in Seattle, I was having a socially distant chat with my next-door neighbor Mark. I asked about the health of his sugar snap pea plantings, while he parried with inquiries around how my kids are handling online school. I won the neighbor lottery, so this over-the-fence type chat is a common occurrence for us. Living out in the sticks, we each have a bit of land, so I didn’t immediately notice that in the distance over Mark’s plaid jacketed shoulder and high up over his grazing horse’s head, an American flag properly stationed up…

Adina Gillett

A skeleton made of the bones of a Coach, Writer, Hypnotherapist, and Improviser, dressed in a skin suit of comedy.

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